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Ideal FOR

They offer the best answer for patio doors & very large windows.

Complete control of LIGHT

Their ability to rotate up to 180 degrees gives you complete control of the quantity of light which gets inside.


They are easy to maintain and simple to remove the dust and debris.


Wide range of colours, styles and fabrics to choose from to compliment your home.

Vertical Blinds

Simplicity comes in a great variety of options.

Vertical blinds balance practicality and style, from patio doors to small windows. They are the ideal choice for the home and office giving you total control over the amount of light coming into a room. With the control options of having then drawn to the left, right or split from the middle giving you total flexibility allowing you access to doors and windows, they are perfect for blocking the harsh sun rays, protecting valuable furniture, fabrics and carpets.

Specialist fabrics with specific functions are sometimes required in certain environments, for example flame retarded, washable and blackout, tailoring your blind to you specific requirements. Vertical blinds are available in a widest range of colours and textures imaginable, with two blade widths to suit the depth of your window recess. To complement our fabrics you can also select from a wide range of track colours and fabrics inserts, or add a matching pelmet to give a decorator finish to your window.

This modern contemporary selection of blinds will introduce a feel of tranquil calm with the use of natural colours and delicate lace inspired designs or exotic vibrancy with the stunning primary colours and modern designs. Wonderful for tall and wide windows and sliding doors, vertical blinds are versatile in both their style and functionality. These types of window coverings are great to use on patio doors as they can open and close with a great ease and are durable for heavy use. Vertical blinds also require less maintenance than many other types of blinds or window coverings.


Operating our Vertical Blinds could not be easier. Simply pull the continuous chain to adjust the angle of the blades to the window, or to draw the blind back off the window, a simple cord operation allows the blades to glide into the desired position. Alternatively, through the simple use of the safety wand system, the blades can be both tilted or moved off the window.

  • Benefit Long-term cost efficiency vs drapes
  • Fabric choice Available in wide range of textures and patterns
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