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Made-to-measure to perfectly fit your windows, our shutters are an investment you will be proud to own.

Range of COLOURS

From the popular white and off-white, to a wide range of timber shades, there's a colour to match your decor


All our shutters are UV protected so there is no fading or turning a nasty yellow discolouration


Basswood Shutters, Cedar Shutters, Aluminium Shutters, PVC Shutters - there's plenty choice


One of the greatest impacts on the appearance of your home.

Ajac Blinds puts you in control of sunshine, shade, temperature, noise and privacy with a full range of quality shutter products. We've been in the custom shutter business for over 25 years servicing the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Our custom-made shutters come in a variety of styles to fit your home and budget. We also measure, install and clean up for you. We offer everything from vinyl shutters to premium wood and Polywood shutters. Plus, specialty shapes are no problem-we can provide shutters for octagons, circles, arches, half rounds and more. And we can fit any size opening.

Shutters offer a modern appearance and practical function. They are easy to maintain and are not threatened by household pets or roughhousing children, the way drapes or curtains may be. Instead, they sit pristinely in the window frame and take up no more or less room than they ever should. They are offered in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials, so there is a shutter for every style and mood. Also, they optimize your ability to control and manipulate the amount of natural outdoor lighting inside your home. Unlike drapes or curtains, life with shutters is not merely black or white. With every optional degree that the rotating shutters provide, you can let in as much or as little light as necessary. This is idea for bedrooms, living rooms and entertainment rooms. Get a look that you love with a functionality that you will appreciate.

Types of Shutters

Basically, there are three main variances of shutter design. Full height (where the panels cover the whole window), Double hung (where the upper panels can be opened independently from the panels on the bottom half) and cafe style (where the panels are installed just on the lower section of the window).

It's very important to think through how you'll use your shutters and what design will therefore work best. It's a common misconception that people think they'll open the shutter panels on a daily basis when they've been installed. That's rarely the case and while it may well be that you do fold your panels back, you should look to opt for a design that will work best for you the majority of the time. If you make the wrong design decision and order skinny panels which bifold onto each other (a design better suited when you're folding panels open regularly) then you end up with a lot more solid vertical wood (the stiles) cutting down on light and looking overly fussy on your window.

Choosing the right finish

With so many colours and stains on the market these days it is very confusing on what is the best colour to choose for your shutters. Basically the most popular colour on the market is white or off white. Painted shutters are the most popular choice and for those that want to match a certain colour in their decor then we have a colour matching service. Just contact us about what we can offer to match whatever colour you have. Bright colours are really popular in kids bedrooms so why not have the shutters match.

Wood stains are great for the more cosy warm atmosphere matching the wood floors that more people have in their homes nowadays.

We have a wide range of standard paint finishes and standard wood stains for you to choose from. And of course, we don't want your beautiful shutters to fade in the bright sunlight of the summer so all our shutters are UV protected so there is no fading or turning a nasty yellow discolouration.

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